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Contact iDry Columbus at 614-810-0000 for immediate assistance in water damage or mold removal services.

Mold inspection services

Water Damage? Offering more services, faster in restoration. When quality matters and your home or business is important, iDry Columbus is only minutes away.

We recognize and understand that your property may be suffering ongoing water damage or maybe you suspect mold growth and simply want a free inspection; whatever the reason for your call or concern it’s important to us.

At iDry Columbus, your call, email and concern will always be answered by a live certified associate of our business. Never an answering service or operator that cannot answer your primary concern.

Our associates can dispatch one of our emergency service crews immediately, as well as answer any of your concerns over property damage and schedule convenient appointments around your schedule. Whether you’re looking for a “restoration company near me” or any that’s available, iDry Columbus can service your needs. Available around the clock and around Columbus and surrounding communities.

Restoration Differently. You are the Client.

Whether your property damage repair concerns water damage, water damage repair, mold inspections, or mold removal and remediation; every estimate we provided is done so at no charge. We are happy to meet, perform a thorough inspection of your property and discuss every detail of your current situation and do so at no cost and no obligation.

Water damage is often found outside of normal business hours, so we haven’t had normal business hours in more than 20 years. Rest assured, an experienced member of our team can be on your doorstep in as little as 60 minutes to most locations throughout Columbus, Ohio and surrounding communities.

There are no franchise rules to dictate how we treat our clients, no additional or hidden charges to include and no “preferred relationships” with insurance carriers putting our company in service to them.  The difference in restoration is in the details of our daily service to our clients. It’s in the restoration service that we provide and the mindset of each of our associates as we strive to treat your home or business as we would expect ourselves.

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iDry Columbus – Water Damage Cleanup

Certified Water Damage Restoration
175 South 3rd Street Suite 200

Columbus, Ohio 43215

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At iDry Columbus – Certified Water Damage Cleanup, service has been taken back to the levels of the past, the client is the focus and the health and safety of their loved ones or employees are a priority. Transparent operations, clear communication, and the attention to detail involved in property damage claims has and will always be the way that our team members and associates continually work to raise the bar in restoration.

As a company focused on our client and their individual property damage claim, we can maintain a focus on doing what is right in restoration and water damage cleanup. Utilizing the wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in our team members in concerted effort to bring you home or back in business with the assurance that every detail including the health and safety of your family or employees took a priority in the successful restoration of your water or mold damage claim.

If your home or business has suffered property damage from water to due broken water supply lines, toilet overflow, ice maker line, failed sump pump, flooded basement and everything in between; we’ve set about building iDry Columbus from the ground up to be in service for you, near you and around the clock.

From extensive water damage and flooding in commercial properties to sink overflow claims in residential, our technicians are equipped with the latest in moisture monitoring equipment, thermal imaging, ATP meters, extraction and drying equipment to ensure that your property damage claim is handled professionally, properly and with the exact care that we would expect in our own homes and businesses.

With an average response time of less than 60 minutes, we understand that timeliness is an extremely important factor in water damage cleanup & restoration services. In fact, it’s our primary service and main reason we built iDry Columbus. It’s our pleasure to be in service to our clients.

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