Welcome to our Cookie and Data Usage Policy page. This page outlines how iDry Columbus and our business partners use cookies and other tracking technologies to enhance your experience on our website. Here, you’ll learn about the different types of cookies we use, how they help us improve our website, and how they make your browsing experience more personalized. We also explain how you can manage and reject cookies. If you’re a resident of California or Virginia, you’ll find information about your opt-out rights. We believe in transparency and protecting your privacy, so we encourage you to read through this policy and stay informed about your data and how it’s used on our site.

Cookies on Our Website:

At iDry Columbus, we, along with our business partners, collect information about your visit to our website through cookies. Cookies are small data files placed on your device that help us remember you and your visit details. They help us customize our website content to better suit your interests. Like many other websites, we use cookies. The cookies and other tracking technologies that we and our business partners use on this website can be broadly categorized as follows:

Essential – Certain cookies on our website are essential for us to provide the services you request. These cookies ensure our website operates correctly and in accordance with applicable laws. For example, they allow you to navigate our website and use its key features, or they ensure our website’s security. Without these cookies, our website may not function as intended.

Analytics โ€“ We use analytics cookies to understand how users interact with our website. These cookies help us count the number of unique visitors to our website or the use of a specific feature, rather than the total number of times the site or feature is used. Without these cookies, analyzing our website’s performance and making necessary improvements would be difficult.

Functional โ€“ These cookies enhance your experience by remembering your preferences. This means we know how you prefer to use our website. Examples include remembering to provide you with the same content or recognizing you when you return to our site.

Social โ€“ We use third-party cookies to allow you to share content directly on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for a better experience.

Interest-Based Advertising โ€“ These third-party cookies may collect information about your interests to ensure the ads you see are relevant to you. These cookies do not increase the number of ads you will see, but they make the ads you see more relevant.

Managing and Rejecting Cookies:

If you prefer not to have cookies stored on your device, you can delete them from your browser. Most browsers also allow you to prevent all or some cookies from being stored on your device. For more information on deleting or disabling cookies, please use your browser’s โ€œhelpโ€ function or visit

Opt-Out Rights for California and Virginia Residents:

Residents of California and Virginia have the right to opt-out of the sale or sharing of their personal information for targeted advertising purposes under certain circumstances. The use of certain third-party cookies and other tracking devices on this site might be considered โ€œsharingโ€ under those statesโ€™ laws. If you are a resident of California or Virginia and you wish to opt-out from the โ€œsharingโ€ of personal information, please visit the sites listed in our Third Party Cookies section.

Third-Party Cookies:

Third-party cookies may also read cookies on your browser to collect information or to serve content or advertisements to you. For more information on these cookies and how to disable them, please see the Internet Advertising Bureau website at Additionally, you can click on the links for each third party below to opt out directly with them.

Google, Microsoft (Bing), Meta (formerly Facebook)

Policy Updates:

We may update this policy from time to time, so please review it each time you visit our website. The policy was last updated in June 2023.

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